links will work differently in LinkedIn Learning depending on how you shared the course, videos, or playlists, and there are different solutions that will ensure your links work after the upgrade.

Sharing a link from your browser’s navigation field Top of web browser

If you copy a link from your web browser, it will not redirect to LinkedIn Learning and will cease to work on August 14 when the upgrade begins.

To ensure these links continue to work, you may wait until the upgrade is completed on August 16 and simply share a new link from LinkedIn Learning. Then replace the old link with this new one in any course materials or correspondence.

If you need to update a link that was copied from your browser window before August 16, you will have to manually update the URLs by adding ? This option will only work until December 31, 2019, at which point links will no longer function in any capacity.


Updated to:

Sharing via’s ‘Share This Course Within Your Organization’ feature Share Arrow Feature

If you shared a link using this feature (via the share arrow above the video player), it will work, but will not point to the specific content. Instead, it will take you to the associated course overview page in LinkedIn Learning. This will be the case until December 31, 2019. Afterward, links will no longer function in any capacity.

Embedding a video

If you embedded a video, it will not redirect to LinkedIn Learning and that video will not work when the upgrade begins on August 14.

In order for embedded videos to work after the upgrade is complete, you must replace the embed code with code from LinkedIn Learning. After the upgrade, simply log in to LinkedIn Learning then click ‘share’ to copy the highlighted code and paste it over the existing code.

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